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march 2021

Art newsletter of Daniel Formigo, Artist and Graphic Designer

Almond Blossom

Almond Blossom is a still life of a painted almond tree in the Garraf Natural Park in Barcelona, next to the entrance to a house in a town called Begues. The flowers of almond trees transmit a lot of light, and that is what this painting is trying to convey. The color of almond blossoms changes depending on the time of flowering, and if it blooms early, it will be almost white, and if it blooms late, it will bloom pink. Almond blossoms first have green shoots on the trunk. When this green bud turns pink, the bud stage is approaching. When these begin to open and grow to the point where the flowers are about to bloom, they are called "popcorn." This is because the blooming flowers look like popcorn.

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Art newsletter of Daniel Formigo, Artist and Graphic Designer

Payment in 12 months without interest

Price is no longer an excuse to stop buying art. Decorating a house in an original way and with quality art is no longer a luxury. In my Online Art Gallery there are no intermediaries, so buying art is easier and more affordable, since you can buy the painting, drawing, or piece of wood that you wanted so much for yourself or as a gift and you decide the payment fees and the time you need to pay it (3, 6 or 12 months without interest), reserving the work for you until the last deposit. If you choose this option, the work will be reserved automatically. Once all the fees have been paid, I will proceed to send it immediately.

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