My name is Daniel Formigo, I was born in Madrid and have been living in Valencia, Barcelona and Almería, intercalating my Graphic Designer profession with my passion for Painting, Drawing and Joinery. I like to create art from nothing and share it. Currently I expose my artworks in Almería and Cabo de Gata, an unique and inspiring place. I love painting Almería, it has an extraordinary luminosity.

Paintings, Drawings, and Wood

Daniel Formigo - Artist and Graphic Designer
Daniel Formigo

In my Art Online Shop you can find Paintings, Drawings and Objects from recycled wood hand made with much love in a traditional way, with what you incorporate in your home the essence of the natural and artistic, harmonizing the energy with a rustic and simple decor.

Life is much more pleasant and you are much happier when in your work or in your home you live surrounded by art works that you like and have a special meaning for you.

Paintings and drawings

The art of painting and drawing is as old as man. We fed our stomach with food, our mind with knowledge, and our soul with art. Tilting by realism, impressionism, and expressionism. Technics acrylic, watercolour, graphite, oil and ink.


These wood artworks are created from natural materials, sometimes recycled, picked up from the seashore or in the mountain, modeled by over time, water and wind, with little irregularities that make the difference and quality of hand made work. In my Art Gallery you can find yoga benches, boxes, accessories, mirrors, shelves, lamps, and tables made with noble recycled woods (or not) and with oil-painted decoration.

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