Paintings, drawings and recicled wood

Welcome to my Online Art Gallery. The artworks available in this Gallery are handmade, with high quality materials, and original 100%, that is, there are no copies. Most of the pieces I make cannot be created overnight and I can take up to several days or weeks to finish them.

Secure SSL payment Online Store
Secure SSL payment Online Store
Payment 12 months no interests
Payment up to 12 months without interests
Benefit from free shipping
Benefit from free shipping
All prices include IVA
All prices include IVA
100% original without copies
100% original without copies
Reduce, rehuse, recycle
Reduce, rehuse, recycle
Ideal for gifts
Ideal for gifts
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While artisans produce different objects on serial, we artists do create unique and unrepeatable artworks.

Main menu of Daniel Formigo
Online shop of paintings, drawings, and functional objects from recycled wood
Painting a watercolor at Tabernas desert.

Payment information

Thanks to SSL Protocol («Secure Socket Layer») for online stores, the data transmited are encripted and decipher only by the involved subjects and therefore they will be more secure and completely protected from the hacker´s attacks and possible sabotages.

The price is not already an excuse to stop buying art

Payment in installments without interest in 3, 6 or 12 months
Payment in installments

Decoring a home in an original way and with quality art is no longer a luxury. In my Online Art Gallery there are no intermediaries, that's why buying art is easier and affordable, since you can purchase the painting or piece of wood that so wanted for you or to gift and you decide the quantity you want to pay or the time you need to pay the artwork (3, 6 or 12 months no interests), reserving the artwork until the last payment. If you choose this option, the art work will remain automatically reserved. Once paid all installments, I will proceed to its shipment immediately.

Payment methods

Payment methods at online art shop of Daniel Formigo
Secure payment

Through Bank transfer

You must realize the payment into a time limit of 72 hours since the purchase following the instructions which are indicated at the moment of fulfill the order. Until I have no confirmation about the payment, your order will not be made out. If I wouldn´t receive confirmation within 3 bussines days, your order will be cancelled.

Once processed the payment, it would be good to contact me by sendign an email to with a copy of the transfer receipt to accelerate the purchase process.

PayPal button
Paypal button

Through Paypal

PayPal is an internationally recognized on-line payment system that protects your financial information with industry leading security and fraud prevention systems. When you use PayPal, financial information is never shared with the seller. Once completed the payment, is email you receipt of the transaction.

If you wish to pay your artwork through Paypal, you may do it by clicking on the Check Out button in the order form. The charge will be realise automatically on your account. For more information visit www.paypal.comVisit paypal

Fragile shipping preparation
Fragile shipping

Shipping and delivery costs

For purchases upper to 100€ the delivery is free to Peninsula, Baleares, Ceuta, Melilla Andorra and Portugal. Shipping costs vary depending on the destination country. For Canarias or international shipment (out of Spain) get in touch with me.

There are two delivery possibilities:

  • At home by the transport company Correos.
  • And pick up in my Art Gallery in Almería.

Delivery times 4-7 work days. Remote places may have an approximate delay of 1 day on indicated deadlines.

Return guarantee

If you are not completely satisfy with the realised purchase, you dispose 7 days since the artwork receipt on your domicile to change it by other or take it back, in agreement with the dispositions from the Spanish Law of Minorist Trade. In case of devolution, it will be refunded 75% of the net amount.

Autheticity Certificate for artworks of Daniel Formigo Autheticity certificate

With each artwork I hand an Autheticity certificateAuthenticity certificate PDF file of original artwork *, numbered and dated, that guaranties the artwork has been realised by Daniel Formigo and that there are not copies.

* Problems viewing authenticity certificate?
Download Adobe Acrobat Reader