The art of giving

Giving art is a special, original, and unique way to complace those who loved, those surround us and to oneself. An original way, little known and not much traditional. A gift that does not old fashioned, and resist the over time.

Giving art, three ink drawings from the set Barriadas del Cabo de Gata
Three ink drawings from the set Barriadas del Cabo de Gata

An original and solidary gift

How many times we don't know what to gift to a special person or we don't find something really original to surprise them, it is here where giving an artwork can resolve it easyly: it express thousand of sensations, what better than giving something unique and unrepeatable? The artworks become in something exclusive. A remembrance forever, above fashions.

Living art is an experience that renew daily to who coexist whit it. It is not just you are doing an incredible present, you also are supporting the artistas and social culture, affording to grow it up and to flow in our community.

Giving art, I think personally, is a sure bet, a gift that endures, and it can be purchase on Internet. Besides to be a special present, it is also something unique, exclusive and, over all, it has an emotive and sentimental value.

Art is universal and transcend the time. A good artwork will always be in force and improving over time, which gives to it durabillity, so a painted artwork perdures, others wear away or break, however, a piece of art will always be in your home and you'll be able to inherit it to future generations.

Giving art is not expensive, and it results to be and investment.

Remember that each one of my pieces is delivered with authenticity certificate.

The person who receive it will like to know that it is not a serial replica, but handmade, with high quality materials, 100% originals and its origin is find from the plastic creation of each artist (more info art shop).

Gifting is an art, the art of search something with which to surprise, the art of finding "that" object which will thrill to who receive it. It is an inesperate and wished present.